Next generation League of Legends elo boosting service.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know my account will not get compromised?

Because we play on a secure VPN and our boosters are there to boost, nothing more. We do not change or edit anything within your account other than your elo!

Will the boosters spend my IP and RP?

No. Our boosters do not touch your RP and IP under any condition.

Can I request a champ?

Absolutely, you may choose any champion you’d like.

The booster on my account isn’t doing well, what should I do?

Contact us, we will speak to your booster and find out what’s going wrong, if it comes to it we will refund you 50% and complete the job with a different booster for wasting your time.

Can i get banned?

You can, but it’s very unlikely and only for 2 weeks (not permanent) and your elo does not get taken away. Typically we see 1 user out of about 500 get banned for 2 weeks (and that’s because their friends reported them because they told their friends)

Can I speak to my booster outside of the game?

Yep. Skype, Discord, whichever you prefer.

Will you win the promo games?

We will get it our best shot, we typically maintain a 90% winratio up until D1.

How do I get a boost?

Easy! visit our main page